Two Suggestions for Better Lead Generation

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August 16, 2018
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September 24, 2018

Two Suggestions for Better Lead Generation

We have all heard the Einstein definition of crazy, ‘repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’ This especially holds true in the role of a sales person. One gets comfortable and compliant, using the same techniques to try and generate leads. After all, sales is a challenging profession given to a lot of rejection. However, if those techniques are not producing, make yourself available to trying something new:

(1) Every organization now has so much information about them on the internet, I believe it has actually made lead generation easier. I can find a key contact for any organization, usually some background details, ie LinkedIn, by performing a routine internet search in under twenty minutes. I did this recently for a client wanting to contact a large corporation and discuss an invention he created. Because this person had no experience working for, or previously selling to a large company, he was intimidated. He was afraid he was going to talk to the wrong person and make a mess of his first impression. Nonsense. I found a key contact with a quick internet search, coached him on what to say over the phone, and convinced him that this person was looking for his new ideas. After all, it was his job description, New Business Development Manager.

(2) The best introduction to a person or company is a referral from someone they know, or an organic introduction created by entering that person’s social/business network. Start by creating a data base of your top dozen potential prospect companies or individuals. Using the internet again, find out all you can about what they are doing and how your business would help. Look for contacts and events they may be participating in. LinkedIn often has shared contacts that you can request an introduction. Go to these events in hopes of meeting a contact or perhaps another person that may have a connection. Be prepared in your knowledge, for when the opportunity presents itself, you ned to be ready. For example, one of your key prospects is located in Camarillo, CA. Perhaps you notice that they are a member of the local City Chamber. You could join the Chamber and start going to events so that you have the opportunity to meet someone from that company.

These ideas often seem just common sense, however all salespeople, myself included, need frequent encouragement for trying new things and hearing successful stories on what has worked for others.

Bill Riegler has 33 years of sales and marketing experience and is now sharing his knowledge as a Sales and Marketing Consultant.