‘As a startup Mentor, Bill helped us think outside the box for sales and marketing ideas. He explained successful tactics that he had used in the past that we were able to effectively implement in our business.’

Ryan Goldstein
Co-founder Craft Cups

‘Bill and I collaborated when he owned Surf Brewery. He has creative ideas about how to market a business and can offer helpful alternative revenue streams. His vast experience allows him to always have an idea, no matter the industry or situation.’

Ashley Pope
Owner Spice-topia

Bill and I worked together in similar roles at NuSil. He was always looking beyond the everyday to see what new markets or products we could get involved with.’

Brian Reilly
Business Development Director
Biomaterials at NuSil Technology

‘I remember when Bill founded Surf Brewery in Ventura in 2011. I had my own distilled spirits business at the time and we often would discuss brand/marketing strategies for the alcohol industry. He developed a strong brand, brand identity and used his sales skills to get his product into most local retailers, including Costco, Vons and Whole Foods as well as on-premise accounts.’

James Carling
New Business Development Manager

‘ Like myself, Bill’s international travels have provided a backdrop for creative thinking that most people just don’t experience.’

Mike Willey
Defense and Aerospace International Consultant